Why should you join the Consortium?

“Joining the district means to take a new opportunity in working together”

By getting in touch with a network of companies, institutions, research centers and university accredited to make a system by the Sicilian Region, whose members work on themes and projects that involve the sustainability and energy efficiency of buildings;


By taking the opportunities offered by networks and supply chains funds , also in connection to the new Horizon 2020 program, as well as having access to new funding opportunities in terms of technological innovation of product and process;

By Benefiting of many services the Consortium offers its associates, both through the network opportunities offered by the enterprieses and the opportunities offered by conventions signed with prestigious research institutions and universities with annexed laboratories operating in Sicily;

By benefiting from tax reduction related to the legislation in force for districts;

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According to current regulations, (article 3 and 4) of the Decree Law No. 5/2009 in the field of fiscal discipline of the industrial districts, reintroduces the fiscal regime provided in the original text of the 2006 Finance Law.

The district today can choose, in accordance with currently vigent laws, to apply one of the following tax systems:

  1. Regime of taxation of the district;
  2. Regime of taxation agreed with the Financial Administration.

It was also reintroduced the disposition, suppressed in 2008, according to which the assistance to companies by municipalities with priority through the points of single contract for productive activities, can be carried out by the DISTRICT also using the technical and organizational structures of the consortiums industrial development ;

Paragraph 1 of Article 7, introduced on conversion in law, intervenes in support on initiatives to relaunch production and employment protection, especially for companies operating in certain areas of the districts. For this purpose, while the decree on the modalities of functioning of the Fund for business finance, established by art. 1, paragraph 847 of the Finance Law 2007 (L. 296/2006) is not yet in force, it is established the use, for the 2009, of a share of the resources of the Guarantee Fund described in article 15 of Law 266/1997 (so called Bersani law), merged into the same Fund for the financing to the companies joining districts.


We propose

To share a new way of doing business with a new business horizon oriented towards the “Green Economy” in a new “Green Deal” see more

The United Kingdom, which has a historical building stock characterized by poor thermophysical performance, has launched a program to perform large retrofit actions on 14 million of apartments by 2020, proposing an innovative approach based on the elimination of the initial costs of interventions, thanks to the use of the private investment (7 billion pounds/year) powered by a special Revolving Fund.

The program, called “Green Deal”, will create at least 100,000 new jobs. Even though some critical points are traceable in the approach, it would be interesting to adapt this experience to the Sicilian context, with particular attention to the interventions of sustainable construction, starting from some categories of public buildings (educational institutions, social housing, etc.).

Only a regional joint plan is able to bring together all stakeholders allowing to launch a building energy retrofit plan at a regional scale involving the development of effective tools to achieve the goal 3% public buildings retrofit yearly target described in the 2012/27/EU directive, to be extended to all public housing.

The experience of the District Ecodomus, whose main action tool is the pact of district development and is composed by organizations, institutions, municipalities and research centers, universities and banks as well as companies, could be an example to follow for a Sicilian “Green Deal”.

To do reseatch, innovation through sustainability by bringing together the best excellences available on the island and to actively participate to the District and to the Consortium promptly joining the district and the Consortium.

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