Eco innovation and Research

Strengthening the research, technological development and innovation:

The European strategy for development of territories defined as “Smart Specialization” requires the identification of specific courses for sustainable growth based on innovation taking into account local knowledge and technological and global market opportunities. scopri di più

The idea is simple: while some regions in Europe are in the forefront in the innovation sector, the benefits of innovations can reach all European regions in terms of innovation and economic growth. Each region of Europe should develop and exploit their best productive skill while exploiting and enhancing their own territory and entrepreneurial peculiarities.


The strategy called “Smart Specialisation” uses the regional dimension as the preferred scale for the analysis of development levels in different areas of Europe. As part of the definition of the activities, also the national scale may be assumed. (This will help balancing the emerging specializations in different territories in order to maximize the effectiveness of actions, to avoid duplication of experiences, and to take maximum advantage from the close-work between different specializations).


Italy and Sicily in particular, in the context of Horizon 2020 and of the adoption of the Smart Specialisation model, have a productive sector that includes several production and technological districts, aiming towards the aggregation of demand and supply in the innovation field.


It is necessary to start strengthening the infrastructure to support innovation and internationalization of the products and increase the interaction between the world of research and entrepreneurship, which usually suffered of low contact points in the past.


In Horizon 2020 the use of structural funds must be connected to the support of research and innovation, also through the use on a significant scale of enabling technologies. In this context, the District/Consortium Ecodomus may provide an opportunity to help the construction sector, at the moment suffering a severe structural crisis.


Economical and environmental competitiveness

Improving environmental competitiveness of enterprises through the development of actions aimed to promoting industrial research and technological innovation in the sectors of sustainable construction and technologies powered by RES (Renewable Energy Sources).