The Consortium

The Ecodomus Consortium: sustainable building, energy savings and technologies powered by renewable sources arise from a core business of the District.

Ecodomus is strongly motivated to pursue strategies for improving the energy and environmental performance of the supply chain of construction.


The Consortium constitutes the operational structure and industrial services of the district and is aimed at implementation of district activities and the adoption of sustainable solutions in the supply chain of sustainable construction as well as providing services to enterprises, organizations and institutions to achieve ambitious results to construct buildings to nearly zero net energy (NZEB) referred to the recent European directives (EPBD recast) and national transposing decrees.


The Consortium includes companies working in the sectors of sustainable building and energy savings identified on the basis of their industry sector in order to cover the entire supply chain of sustainable construction: from designing of sustainable building to disposal of construction waste, to the extraction and production of sustainable raw materials, construction and maintenance of the product “building” according to an LCA approach (Life Cycle Assessment). see more


Building Supply chain – Ecodomus Consortium

  • Design, energy consulting, monitoring
  • Retrieval of raw materials for building and system component
  • Commerce of building products
  • Construction phase
  • Use phase and maintenance
  • End of life, waste disposal


Attached: Consortium Ecodomus Presentation

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