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The Dindustrial district is a cluster of companies working in a network, through supply chain logics in the context of a district development agreement signed also by institutional stakeholders.

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An industrial district is a particularly effective tool for the promotion of local development and competitiveness. It is in fact an organization that refers to a network of enterprises, linking to each other industrial sectors, supply chains, and institutional stakeholders. The enterprises perform activities linked together in a logical chain with the involvement of institutions. Among the institutions that are involved to the district, there are universities, research centers, professional associations, organizations and trade unions as well as public bodies. The district aim is to produce innovation and increases market competitiveness of the production system.

The Sicily Region has identified (in the programming for the implementation of cohesion policy in Sicily), the industrial district as a new territorial/sectorial tool of governance. This choice refers not only to the law 140/1999 but also to law (financial) 266/2005 (articles 367-372), as it introduces the juridical form of the “industrial district” that becomes a subject with independent legal status.

The regional law on December 17th, 2004 established the industrial districts. Subsequently, on December, 1st 2005, the accessory decree No. 152 was issued, which established the criteria for the identification and recognition procedures for industrial districts and the methods of implementation of the actions provided in the Pact of district development.

In detail, the regional decree 152/2005 art. 2 defines the industrial district as a cluster of enterprises. Besides the art. 5 of the already cited DA states that the Pact of district development, signed by enterprises wishing to form a district, is a three-year program document. If within this time frame, the district is able to achieve its objectives (also in terms of funding from the region), the district can renew the Pact.

The District EDA – Ecodomus arises from the idea to create a network of companies able to involve parties involved in the whole supply chain of sustainable building and energy conservation in Sicily. The district is an important development opportunity to help in the recovery of the construction sector that was heavily affected by the economic crisis and is characterized by a strong commitment to conservation and energy efficiency of buildings.

The process for the acknowledgement of the District EDA – Ecodomus was long and not simple: an evaluation was performed by a special technical-scientific committee, with a public tender, and in the end the District was granted legal recognition by “Assessorato Regionale alle attività Produttive” with the regional decree No. 745 of 22/03/2012.

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The companies working within the District EDA-Ecodomus have signed the “Pact of district development for green building and renewable energy sources”, prepared and developed in accordance to the Regional Law of Sicily No. 17 of 28/12/2004 and regional decree of 01/12/2005 and subsequent modifications and integrations, establishing the criteria for identifying a procedure for recognition of the industrial districts.

Today the Districtbeing the only one to have been granted legal recognition in this area by its aggregated experience is aiming towards the creation of an Energy Smart Building research facility at regional scale.

The District EDA – Ecodomus also works as a regional platform in connection to prestigious universities and research centers in the island, both on research and technology transfer activities and also to promote the provision of technical-scientific services for the eco-innovation of processes and the products.

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