Welcome to the EcoDomus’s page!

Ecodomus brings together all those companies who have chosen to integrate into their missions particular attention to the environment and to the improvement of energy performance, together with the adoption of the circular economy principles in the construction chain, in all stages of implementation, from the design of the sustainable building to the disposal of construction waste, through the extraction and sustainable production of raw materials, their marketing, construction and maintenance of the product “building”. All of it with an approach of Life Cycle Thinking.

In order to implement, Ecodomus uses a Consortium, which is the operational and service structure of the Productive District, with the aim of implementing the district activities and providing services to companies, organizations and institutions.

Among the activities being implemented, the Consortium is involved in several European projects in the field of sustainability and circularity in the building industry, including the Project “CUBATÌ – CULTURE DU BÂTI DE QUALITÉ”, funded under the ENI Cross-border Cooperation Programme Italy-Tunisia 2014-2020, and the Project “ICBUILD – BOOSTING THE INTERNATIONALISATION FOR CIRCULARITY IN THE BUILDING ENVIRONMENT”, funded under the COSME – Clusters Go International program.